Tips For Moving – How to Get Everything Ready For the Big Day

Tips For Moving – How to Get Everything Ready For the Big Day

Tips For Moving – How to Get Everything Ready For the Big Day

Moving is a stressful event. However, with careful planning and preparation, you can minimize the chaos of moving day and make your move a smooth, successful experience. The key is not to procrastinate and to start early. With a little advance work, you can save time and money on the big day and avoid costly mistakes that can cause stress for you and your family or friends.

Before you start packing, do a merciless purge of your belongings. This will not only help you reduce the amount of stuff you have to move but will also make unpacking much easier. If you have children, involve them in this process so that they learn the value of keeping things organized.

When you begin packing, use a color-coded system of labeling boxes (use markers or stickers to indicate the room they go into). This will be helpful for you and the movers. It will prevent confusion over which box belongs where and eliminate the need to open and close numerous boxes when you are trying to figure out where everything is.

If you’re relying on movers Home2Home Moving Tacoma to do the bulk of the work, book them two to four weeks in advance. The busiest times of the year for movers are during the end of the month, so booking ahead helps you secure the help you need and reduces your stress level.

Check that the movers you’re considering are licensed. Local movers need state-level registration, and long distance movers require federal registration with the FMCSA. Check these on the company’s website, and look for online reviews from customers and testimonials.

Make sure you get a quote from each moving company that covers all services and fees. Compare the quotes to find out which company is most cost-effective. Ask about any additional services that might be available, like storage or insurance coverage.

If you have pets, consider sending them to a doggy daycare on the day of the move or boarding them with a friend so they don’t run around the house or try to escape during the chaos. It will also keep them calm and happy until you can take them to their new home.

When packing your bathroom items, use plastic drawstring trash bags to hold robes and bath towels. These will prevent them from getting wrinkled and save space in the box. Then, when you get to your new home, simply place the clothes over hangers and pull the drawstrings. It’s an easy way to protect your fragile items from scratches or other damage.

Pack a suitcase of clothing and essentials that you will need during the first few nights in your new home, so you don’t have to rummage through boxes in search of what you need. Also pack a couple of trash bags for out-of-season items and other odds and ends. This will allow you to keep some of your favorite clothing and avoid having to throw it away after a few wears.