Enrollment Guide of Chinese Language Learning Program
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About the Short-Term Chinese Language Learning Program

This program is aimed mainly at teaching basic Chinese to improve the students' listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, to promote the students' communication skills in the Chinese language and to help students pass the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK).


Duration of Study

 Six months20 hours each week.




Business Chinese, Oral Chinese ,Chinese Music, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Chinese Tea Culture, PE(Tai chi),etc.



Outdoor Activities

we organize students to visit factories, rural areas, town or city residential areas, and other places of interest.


Language Practice

 Communicating with Chinese student, Poetry Reciting Competition,etc.



 Application Time

Spring Term

From October to January 10

 Autumn Term

From February to July 10



Enrollment Requirement


1.  High school diploma and beyond in China;

2.  In good health according to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China;

3.Have a good knowledge of and friendly attitude toward China, abide by laws and regulations, and have no criminal record




Tuition            6000 RMB

Accommodation    2400RMB   (Twin-bed room)

Insurance         1600RMB

Total              10000RMB






Admission Procedures

1. After receiving your application, We will send the acceptance letter and the JW202 form to you. If your application is rejected, we will inform you through E-mail.


2. You should go to the embassy of the People’s Replica of China in your country with the acceptance letter and the JW202 form to apply for the study visa.


3. You should register on time with the acceptance letter, the JW202 form and Foreigner Physical Examination Form



Opening Date of the Program


Spring Term

February each year,please refer to the letter of acceptance.


Autumn Term

September each year,please refer to the letter of acceptance.



How to Contact Us


International Cooperation and Exchanges Center   Andy Gao

Address: No.1 Songshan Road, Tongshan District,Xuzhou,Jiangsu,China

 Zip Code221000



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