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A sailing legend
Jean-Michel Barrault

It was during the Golden Globe, the first solo non-stop race around the world, and with victory within his reach, that Bernard Moitessier sent this message with a slingshot onto the deck of a passing freighter: 'I am continuing ...' With this unbelievable decision to turn his back on glory and money, and continue sailing to the Pacific Islands after seven months at sea, he bacame a guru for all small boat sailors. It was Jean-Michel Barrault who first encouraged Moitessier to write about his adventures, and he remained his friend for 36 years, as the internationally known sailor, writer and ecologist became a legend in his own lifetime.

'Moitessier is a "millionaire de l'esprit". I'd sooner read him than any other nautical writer'.

Jonathan Raban

'Jean-Michel Barrault was as close and lasting a friend as Moitessier had. His book nailed him in all his beautiful, quixotic complexity.'

Peter Nicholls

228 x 148 mms • Illus • ISBN 1574092049 • Price: £12.95 pbk

With a Pinch of SaltWITH A PINCH OF SALT
A collection of nautical expressions and other
Captain Nick Bates

Are you clewed-up about all those expressions that so enrich the language of sailors-not to mention the landlubbers who have Shanghaied their vocabulary?Do you know Captain Setab's Second Law of Dynamics, or why timbers shiver, even in horse latitudes, where a brass monkey has nothing to fear?This little book, chock-a-block with the wit and wisdom of a Captain who came up through the hawse pipe to command one of the most famous vessels afloat, gives you the whole nine yards.

Born and brought up in Northern Ireland. Captain Nick Bates obtained his 'Master's ticket' in 1975 and shortly afterwards was offered a position on the luxury cruise liner Queen Elizabeth 2 Since that fateful day, he has remained with the passenger Division of Cunard Line, and latterly with P&O Princess Cruises.

144 x 216 mms • 122 pages Illus • ISBN 0 9547062 3 4 • Price: £7.95 pbk

A Seafarer Anthology
Selected and introduced by Bob Crew

This exciting collection of sea poems is like no other. It brings together two separate maritime nations and cultures - the United States and Britain - through the works of many different poets on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean telling the colourful and awe-inspiring history of seafaring. From the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in America in the early 17th century, following the defeat of the Spanish Armada in the English Channel by Sir Francis Drake in the late 16th century - to the Battle of Trafalgar and the defeat of Napoleon's French fleet by Lord Nelson in the early 19th century - this book has a gripping story to tell and a fitting tribute in Sea Britain 2005 to our great maritime heritage.

216 x 138 mms • 160 pages Illus • ISBN 0 95470626 9• Price: £12.95 pbk

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A selection from the first 50 years of America's greatest yachting magazine
Edited by Tom Davin

An invaluable anthology of accumulated wisdom encompassing some of the best articles ever to appear in Rudder. The four sections are devoted to cruising adventures, plans and descriptions of a wide variety of boats by well-known designers, the care and feeding of yacht sailors, and 'a bilgeful of dogmatic advice, arbitrary opinions, clever devices and methods'. With a foreword by Peter Spectre.

'My only real reservation about recommending this anthology without reservation is that I fear it will spoilyou for modern boating magazines including mine.'

Pete Greenfield, Watercraft

229 x 149 mm | 350 pp, illus. | ISBN 1 57409 160 3 | £11.95 SH pbk

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After You, Mr LearAFTER YOU, MR LEAR
Maldwin Drummond

Awaiting information

A book of sailing quotations
William Galvani

From Homer to Shakespeare, Charles Dickens to Kurt Vonnegut, Beowulf to Ted Turner, many have eloquently expressed the beauty, mystery and power of the sea, the love, awe and fear that it inspires, and the unique traits and skills of sailors.

Here are the best of these musings in a single volume - over a thousand quotations from around the world, organised in to 70 categories and indexed by keywords and author for easy reference.

'The author has gathered the best and the mostmemorable ... in this book.'

Latitudes and Attitudes

'... a collection of sailing quotations that is both a valuable resource, and fun to browse.'


229 x 149 mm | 224 pp | ISBN 0 71365 727 8 | £12.99 SH pbk

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Charles Green

The story of one of the richest archaeological finds of all time: a ship burial containing the treasures of a king who was probably the last of the pagan rulers of East Anglia. Now displayed in a place of honour at the British Museum and at the Sutton Hoo site in Suffolk, the unique finds tell much about one of the most elusive periods of British history. From his study of the ship, the author draws inferences about Anglo Saxon immigration routes. This edition takes into account the revisions made since the appearance of the original edition, and includes a number of colour plates as well as the original line drawings.

'A first class study, at once scholarly and popular'

Daily Telegraph

'This is a thrilling book'

Eastern Daily Press

246 x 189 mm | 150 pp illus. | ISBN 0 85036 241 5 | £7.95 SB pbk

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Cruising the South Seas with Robert Louis Stevenson
Lowell D. Holmes

This account of Stevenson's Pacific wanderings in search of health and understanding is an enchanting mix of high seas adventure and a fresh view of the fragile writer and his eccentric but devoted family. Holmes, an anthropologist and a sailor, senses a kindred spirit as he describes Stevenson's fascination and respect for the island cultures.

235 x 157 mm | 304 pp, illus. | ISBN 1 57409 130 1 | £22.99 SH hbk

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Solving the last great naval mystery of the Second World War
Captain Peter Hore


In November 1941 the Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney, with a crew of 645, disappeared off the coast of Western Australia. Shipwrecked German sailors told an incredible tale of how their ship, a lightly armoured merchant raider, had sunk the pride of the Australian navy. Almost at once conspiracy theories sprang up to explain the tragic loss of the ship and so many lives. Based on the author’s decryption and interpretation of German coded accounts, interviews with survivors from the raider, Kormoran, and other research, this book tells – insofar as it can ever be known – what really happened in the desperate fight to the death between the two ships, whose wrecks were finally located in March 2008.

“An absorbing narrative that will lay to rest much of the controversy. Highly recommended.”

Rear Admiral James Goldrick

216 x 135 mm | 320 pp illus. | ISBN 978 1 906266 08 0| £9.95 pbk

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ABSeaA : B : Sea
A loose-footed lexicon
Jack Lagan

An essential, entertaining guide to the language and lore of 21st century seafarers. Packed with practical advice, this is a dictionary with a difference: many words are illustrated by passages from classic books of the sea, yet more by the experiences of the author.

Illustrated by Louis Roskell.

'Highly recommended'


'Supplemented with a good bibliography, the volume selects from 500 years of nautical history to make a cocktail of facts.'

Nautical Magazine

234 x 156 mm | 364 pp illus. | ISBN 0 95381 808 X | £12.95 SBSH pbk

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Dictionary of Nautical Acronyms and abbreviationsDICTIONARY OF NAUTICAL ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS
Donald Launer

This handy dictionary contains listing of all the acronyms, abbreviations and truncations that recreational sailors encounter in nautical magazine articles, books, instruction manuals and Coast Guard reports. A reference such as this has never been published before.
This book is in two parts. Part 1, 650 alphabetical listing of abbreviations, along with an explanation of each, including 38 illustrations.
Part 2 consists of excerpts from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Chart No1 which lists all the abbreviations used on government's nautical charts.

135 x 217 mms • 320 pages Illus • ISBN 1574092391• Price: £9.95 pbk

John Leather

A study of the men and craft that have sailed from the small Essex communities beside the Blackwater and its estuary - the fishermen, bargemen, boatbuilders, sailmakers, wildfowlers and smugglers as well as the ocean captains, and the smacks, barges, brigs, bumkins and gunpunts, as well as the great yachts.

'Though there are 95 evocative and informative black and white pictures, this is a text-rich and pithy account of a deep sailing heritage.'

Classic Boat

230 x 178 mm | 200 pp illus. | ISBN 0 95427 501 2 | £10.95 SB pbk

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Edited by Tristan Lovering MBE

In this uniquely authoritative study, leading international military and academic experts analyse 37 amphibious operations, from 'the how not to do it' catastrophe of Gallipoli in 1915; through the Second World War in Europe, North Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific; Korea; Suez; Vietnam; the Falklands and the first Gulf War; down to the AL Faw landings in Iraq in 2003.

'Simply the best book on the subject.'

Dr Eric Grove

230 x 305 mm | 520 pp illus. | ISBN 978 09550243 51| £35.00 pbk | ISBN 978 09550243 68 | £45.00 slipcase

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Tamata and the AllianceTAMATA AND THE ALLIANCE
Translated by William Rodarmor

Born in Fench Indochina in 1925, Bernard Moitessier grew up astride two cultures - French and Vietnamese - in a turbulent era that moved dramatically from peace to war, He was imprisoned during the Japanese occupation, and later drafted into France's war against the Viet Minh. This book tells how, at the age of 25, he left Vietrnam to answer the call of the sea, wandering the Indian Ocean, the South Atlantic and the Caribbean as a sea-Gypsy, and surviving two catastrophic shipwrecks. His greatest sailing adventures followed: the Tahiti - Alicante passage, and the 1969 Golden Globe round-the-world race, from which he withdrew to sail on to Tahiti. He then spent three years on an atoll of Tamata in the Tuamoto archipelago, where he went by the name of 'Tamata' ('Try it'). He planted coconut trees and gradually transformed the sun blasted coral into a speck of green in the middle of the South Pacific. William Rodamor's translation won the American Translators Assoiation's 1996 Award for Best Translation.

'… a delight, but be warned - you may find normal life difficult to follow after you have read it.''

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

'Told with Lyrical talent''

Le Figaro

243 x 160 mms • 400 pages Illus • ISBN 0 924486775 • Price: £19.95 hbk

Eddystone the Finger of LightEDDYSTONE: THE FINGER OF LIGHT

This is an authoritative and well researched account of the extraordinary achievement of construction of lighthouses on the savage Eddystone Rocks. This book is a salute to the heroes who struggled to put a lighthouse on the most notorious maritime blackspot of its day- a struggle illuminated by ten years of research, excerpts from the lighthouse builder's diaries and letters, some previously unpublished pictures and a passion for the subject which shines through Mike Palmer's writing.

Film maker and author Mike Palmer has been attracted to the sea and in particular to the study of pharology. Indeed with the help of Trinity House he has visited many rock lighthouses..Mike joined the Royal Navy at 15 years of age and then had a variety of jobs including Baboon and Lion keeper, Prison Officer and Ferryman. He won an award for MGM showman of the year.

210 x 296 mms • 138 pages Illus • ISBN 0 9547062 0 X• Price: £13.95 pbk

Sailing to Hemingway's CubaSAILING TO HEMINGWAY'S CUBA
Dave Schaefer

For Dave Schaefer on his 32-foot sloop Dream Weaver, the urge to see Cuba now and track down Ernest Hemingway's old haunts was too strong to resist. Setting out alone from Lake Champlain, with friends joining as crew alomng he way, he sailed via the East coast and the Florida Keys to Havana, where the last year of the millennium marked the centennial of Hemingway's birth and the fortieth anniversary of Fidel's Revolution.

229 x 151 mm | 288 pp, illus. | ISBN 1 57409 110 7 | £14.99 SH pbk

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Smeaton's TowerSMEATON'S TOWER
Christopher Severn

In 1755 the Eddystone Lighthouse was consumed by fire, but still the general opinion was that Nothing but WOOD will last upon the Eddystone. Nonetheless, John Smeaton, the world's first civil engineer, was determined to build a lighthouse of stone on the infamous reef of red rocks fourteen miles out from Plymouth in the English channel. It was a revolutionary design and it became the prototype for other wave-washed lighthouses.Based on Smeaton's own account, and illustrated with Smeaton's engravings and the author's dramatic drawings, Smeaton's Tower tells the true story of how the third Eddystone Lighthouse was built, and describes in detail the scale of the achievement.Interwoven with the historical story is a fictional tale of mystery, revenge and love.

Christopher Severn gained a degree in architecture and a post graduate diploma at the Architectural Association. Here he tutored for some years whist working in London Architectural practices. He first became involved with Smeaton's Tower in 1999 when he began work on the proposed conservation of the Lighthouse with Frans Nicholas Architects. Seeing the stones stripped of their paintwork, and reading Smeaton's diaries and Narrative brought the remarkable story of the lighthouse's construction to life.

153 x 234 mms • 372 pages Illus • ISBN 0 954275098• Price: £13.95 pbk

The life and voyages of America's best known sailor
Victor Slocum

Captain Joshua Slocum's famous voyage in the 36-foot sloop Spray was only the culmination of a life filled with adventure, pioneering and enterprise. Previously unpublished facts, rare photos, drawings, maps and boat plans document this fine biography by the son of the first man to sail alone around th world.

'A devoted chronicle ... of a man who showed enormous skill, resource and courage in the first voyage of its kind in history. Joshua Slocum was a sensational seaman.'

New York Times Book Review

226 x 148 mm | 384 pp, illus. | ISBN 0 924486 52 X | £12.99 SH pbk

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A Mariner's MiscellanyMARINER'S MISCELLANY
Peter H Spectre

In this book, Peter Spectre, editor of the best-selling annual Mariner's Book of Days, assembles an amalgam of practical information, poetry, legend, superstition, art, literature and more. His reverence for boats and the literature of the sea, and his many years as editor of Wooden Boat magazine, make this a rich collection of maritime knowledge, an intriguing compendium of sea lore, and a work of homage to the writers and editors who have inspired him over the years

216 x 131 mm | 288 pp illus.| ISBN 0 95427 621 8 | £9.95 SHSB pbk

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Now in its 17th year, The Mariner's Book of Days is an ever-growing encyclopedia of nautical fact, fiction, and folklore, and has been hailed as the best, most entertaining nautical desk diary and calendar to see print. An invaluable reference, each annual edition is completely different from its predecessors, and all have become collector's items. On every right-hand page is a week of days, with the nautical significance of each explored in brief by the author. On each left-hand page is a collection of nautical miscellany evoking the rich traditions of the sea. Entertaining and informative, illustrated with a variety of lovely etchings, engravings, sketches, and watercolors, The Mariner's Book of Days takes readers on a 365-day voyage through history.

'This nautical desk diary and calendar is an ever-growing encyclopedia of marine fact, fiction and folklore. Entertaining and informative, every year the calendar is updated, making it a keeper well after the year is over and done.'

Sailing Magazine

236 x 166 mms • 112 pages Illus • ISBN 978 157409243 11 • Price: £9.95 pbk



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Rayner Unwin

A vivid and detailed account of the glory and failure of the third voyage of William Barents in search of a Northeast passage - the last major attempt for 300 years to open up a route that only finally became navigable with the advent of steamships.

'This book with generous select bibliography and index, is a dramatic and well written study of a notable explorer not widely known or appreciated in this country.'

Lloyd's List

'... a beautifully written account...'

The Bookseller

216 x 138 mm | 264 pp illus. | ISBN 0 85036 442 6 | £10.95 SB pbk

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Renee Waite

What yachting used to be like: the paid hands, the clothes, the etiquette. A fine collection of quotes that give the flavour of the past, selected by Renee Waite, with cartoons by Keith Waite.

'This little paperback will be of interest to all who sail around our coasts in yachts and small boats'

Marine Society

216 x 138 mm | 96 pp illus. | ISBN 0 85036 428 0 | £4.95 SB pbk

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The Wapping Group of ArtistsTHE WAPPING GROUP OF ARTISTS
Painting Outdoors Along London's River

Originally founded in 1946-setting a pattern for the future, in a pub-to record the working life of London's dockland, this artist's society has been hard at work ever since. The members meet weekly between April and September to paint outdoors, in a wide variety of locations and in all weathers. Always true to their Thames-side origins ,they work from landlocked Henley right out to east coast harbours such as Maldon. Their exhibitions are a perpetual delight of tideway and river bank, sunlight and showers, boats and architecture. With over 200 illustrations, a review of sixty years of painting London's river, and personal narratives by the Group's current members, including painters recognised nationally and internationally, this book is as delightful as their exhibitions.

The members with diverse interests and talents paint outdoors along London's river between April and September:

P.Banning, F.Beckett D.Brunwin, J.Bryce, S.Cardew, T.Chamberlain, G.Cottingham, W.Davies, R.Dellar, A.Flemming, R.Hammond, D.Hanceri, G.Hunt, P.Jobson, R.Mackervoy, R.Maddox, E.O'Aivazian, D.Pannett, D.Penny, J.Powley, M.Richardson, A.Runagall, J.Worsdale, B.Wright

270 x 210 mms • 96 pages Illus • ISBN 0 95470 62 5 0• Price: £19.95 hbk

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